Diabetes Care club is being started with the intention of creating a awareness in the minds of the Diabetic patients, about the necesary guideliness to be followed by he/she so that they could lead a normal happy life.

  • Club members will be regularly monitored and all necessary care and prevention techniques will be adopted to keep bloodsugar well under control.
  • To prevent diabetic among the children and the blood relatives of the diabetes children are likely to develop after the age of 30 years, if parents are diabetics.
  • To prevent complications due to diabetics which are crippling and the life threatening in the form of vision loss, foot loss, kidney failure, heart/brain attacks, sometime coma etc..
  • Diabetic patient with controlled BP and sugar, under proper medical care, live longer than a normal person.
Lab Investigation & Imaging procedures relevant for Diabetics & Diabetes prone individuals.
icon   Urine Sugar Random
icon   Urine Complete
icon   Blood Glucose Estimation
  • Fasting
  • Post Prandial
  • Hb A1 - C
  • Glucose Tolerance Test (if needed)
icon   Complete Heamogram
icon   Lipid profile
icon   Reneal Parameters
icon   Chesy X- Ray
Opinion by Competent Expert Medical Officers ; Diadetic Club Membership Offered.
Please fix up an appointment to avoid delay
Many Blood & Urine samples are taken with empty stomach early in the morning.So come with an attender.
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